$10 for Forza Horizon 4? Not exactly . . .

So one thing I’ve seen on YouTube a bit is people saying that Forza Horizon 4 is only $10 – you buy it on the Game Pass and it’s yours. Except it seems that it’s more like $10/month rather than a straight $10. Maybe I’m wrong, but looking at the FAQ for the Game Pass, access to a game is lost once the pass expires or if the game is taken out of the Game Pass catalog.

So if there is a chance you’ll playing the game for more than five months, or if you plan on returning to the game from time to time in the upcoming years, you’re better off buying the game outright.

The newly discovered JSON data and the reference to the Virtual Console

EDIT: Looks like this is in filter code that is shared between all systems, and has likely been this way since the launch of the Switch.

Making the rounds on YouTube today is the discovery of a JSON file and references to “vcs” and “vc,” with “nes,” “snes,” “gb,” “gbc,” “n64,” “gba,” “ds,” and “other” referenced inside of it. A lot of it is people talking about Virtual Console possibly making a comeback. This was both exciting and worrying to me – excited that maybe the Virtual Console is coming, but very worrying that it is misleading, because ALL signs point to Nintendo not even remotely interested in the Virtual Console.

So I had to take a look myself; I went to the tweet and found a follow up tweet that contained the file location. With that, I downloaded the file and reformatted it in Visual Studio. Also thanks to Visual Studio, I can collapse sections and look at the structure.

The result is that I have some bad news for people wanting this to be the Virtual Console: Sorry, it isn’t. Continue reading “The newly discovered JSON data and the reference to the Virtual Console”