A few small thoughts on Mario + Rabbids

So a few small thoughts on Mario + Rabbids:

  • It’s a great game. I love the turn based tactics and the amount of thought I need to give each battle. I intend to play it all the way through, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is into turn based tactics.
  • It’s rather amusing that I see the occasional article asking about AAA third party games, but this one slips under the radar. I think some people forget that Mario + Rabbids is an Ubisoft title, not a Nintendo title 😆.
  • There are a couple of things that kinda limit how the game can be played: the way weapons are bought and having Mario be a permanent party member.

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About the power of the Nintendo Switch

So I’ve read a couple of articles from Techradar and The Verge, both claiming the Switch is about on the same power level as the Wii U. But I think this is a rather simplistic view, and I’d like to discuss a bit more about how much power the Switch has, and how it compares to similar products.

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Why Microsoft and Sony won’t make a “Switch”

So I’ve seen it suggested that Microsoft and Sony should make handheld consoles, perhaps as powerful as their regular consoles, or perhaps Nintendo make the Switch as powerful.

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news: The chance of the recent versions of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 going portable are virtually nil. Microsoft or Sony may push new mobile devices, but they won’t (and probably can’t) be their mainline systems in a tablet form factor. Continue reading “Why Microsoft and Sony won’t make a “Switch””