A few small thoughts on Mario + Rabbids

So a few small thoughts on Mario + Rabbids:

  • It’s a great game. I love the turn based tactics and the amount of thought I need to give each battle. I intend to play it all the way through, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is into turn based tactics.
  • It’s rather amusing that I see the occasional article asking about AAA third party games, but this one slips under the radar. I think some people forget that Mario + Rabbids is an Ubisoft title, not a Nintendo title 😆.
  • There are a couple of things that kinda limit how the game can be played: the way weapons are bought and having Mario be a permanent party member.

While having a currency mechanic is usually pretty good, it can be a tad limiting. It means you have to focus on a very limited selection of characters, even though more characters ultimately become available. It also lessens the desire to use new characters because you have to equip them.

But that is a minor quibble, to be honest. Ubisoft did make sure new characters have a decent base starting value. They usually are at a power level sufficient for the current enemies.

The more egregious gripe is that you can’t swap out Mario. To have the best chance of success, you need a balanced team with various characters in various roles. Mario is mostly an offensive / close range brawler. This makes it difficult to select other characters with a similar play style (like Rabbid Mario), because you still have Mario in your party regardless. In a game where only three characters can participate in a battle, each character you select is superbly important. So unless the battle is specifically designed for two offensive heroes, you generally don’t want to include other offensive heroes in your party.

I understand – Mario is kinda vital to the plot. But maybe allow him to be swapped out just for the battle, and make him show up again after the battle, much like Beep-0. It’s a bit disappointing to me that I’ll never really want to have Rabbid Mario in my party, despite being a powerful and fun character.

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